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Is Google Taking Control Of Our Freedom?

 Google Has Taken Control of Our Freedom !

Google is attached to everything. Just like our cell phones, laptops, etc,

All phone software, all web browsers, everything. They got the money and it is perfectly legal.

 That does not change the fact that we are being controlled, tracked, and targeted. Your photos, text messages, vids, locations, etc  All stored on Google weather you turn off the activity controls or not. It is there.

 Not that We have anything to hide, but sooner or later, we all have something we don't want to share with others. We can Whine about it all we want.

The fact is, Just like driving is suppose to be a privilege even though you live where there is no other means of transportation, so is all of our electronics. Myself, I like to be able to screw around with my electronics software stuff. With Google taking place of our Govt as our big brother, that soon shall no longer be possible.

 Do you remember when we didn't have computers, cell phones, etc?  I used to remember every ones phone number. Now I cant even remember mine.

Back then it was more peaceful you might agree. The electronic leash has really attached itself to all of us. Its pathetic! You cant even take a dump without being questioned why you didn't answer your phone!

God forbid you forget your phone when you leave your house. The anxiety is greater than if you forgot to put your pants on.
We are all slowly being programmed to become robots. We are all being conditioned by our old and new big brothers. They don't care what you are doing, They care what you are buying!

Once every aspect of our lives are recorded and processed, companies like Amazon will have the ability to program our brains via targeted advertising, to the point where we will start to believe that we need to buy a spiked anal plug that we must have in place 24/7 to avoid getting some type of disease that also has been placed into our brains...!
The only way, in my opinion, we can get our freedom back, is to go back to the old school way..

Throw out all this stuff / gadgets consuming our lives. Go out to dinner and talk to the people your with instead of playing with your phones. Look around. I myself fear this change.

I know we should do it, I know our quality of life would dramatically improve, but yet the phobia forced into our brain is preventing us from helping ourselves.
I pray there is someone out there that can start a movement to show people that our electronic leashes are more addictive than smoking crack.

Using cell phones make is easier to buy drugs, jump into each other personal moments, constantly being tracked, monitored and more..

Kinda makes me think that there is more to the mental brainwashing than meets the eye.

Keep the poor poorer and the rich richer. Once we all are herded to locations based on financial status, our big brother will wipe those locations out in order to make room for the new wealthy nation that will be free of lower, middle, and semi upper class people that is now the majority. The only war we should fear, is the war that has been silently declared on us by our own leaders.  There are too many pawns standing in the way of our kings and queens.

Check Mate folks. Game Over

Sincerely, Greg Scott


The Wold is Full of Kings & Queens Whom Blind Your Eyes & Steal Your Dreams - Ronnie James Dio


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